We are in the middle of a perfect storm. Faced with enormous challenges when it comes to climate change and social inequality, and witnessing the furiously fast development of new technologies, like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the 'internet of things'.

At the same time, a new generation is entering the labor market, seeing many of their colleagues for the first time online. All interconnected, but nevertheless confined to their homes to fight a pandemic of unprecedented proportions.

This is a time like we’ve never seen before. Organizations are trying to adapt to the new circumstances, or, at least, they should be. Small, unexpected ones are attempting to push them aside with an impressive ease and speed.

A new definition of work seems inescapable. Organizations are being forced to redesign themselves, and need to reskill their workforce to prepare them for the future, while ensuring well-being, equity, and inclusion.

This is, and will be, a huge challenge for HR, which at the same offers a beautiful opportunity: to contribute to a strong, sustainable enterprise by putting people first.

- Remco Mostertman, Founder HRcommunity