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AI and wellbeing

Globally, 62% of the workforce would rather speak to a robot than their manager about mental health issues, shows the second volume of the AI@Work Study by Oracle. In this study, more than 12,000 people across 11 countries were surveyed on how the pandemic affects their mental wellbeing.

RPA for HR

RPA is a technology that can eliminate mundane tasks from an employee’s process and advance the human potential of the workforce. UiPath's whitepaper RPA for HR - Creating a More Human Workplace shows you the liberating role RPA can play in the HR sector.

Talent function

Redefine your talent function successfully with the Talent Model Canvas, made by Tata Consultancy Services. Consisting of nine building blocks, each articulating an essential aspect of the business. A useful tool for mapping your thoughts, and creating a flexible talent function.

True AI solution

To realize the true potential of AI in HR, it needs to be more than turning qualitative career and employee data into interpretable, measurable, and comparable data-points. Cornerstone's whitepaper Realizing the True Potential of AI in HR shows you the way.

Future of jobs

The bounty of technological innovation which defines our current era can be leveraged to unleash human potential, states the World Economic Forum in its report The Future of Jobs 2020. The decisions and choices we make today will determine the course of entire generations’ lives and livelihoods.

Bad data

Waste is the death of any achievement, especially for HR. A McKinsey study shows that bad data is on average costing businesses 30% or more of their revenue, and that 45% of the activities people get paid for can be automated.